Shamanic Healing Music with
Penny Winestock, M.Sc.

As a shamanic healer and community musician, it is a great joy of mine to share uplifting chants, songs, and prayers from a variety of spiritual traditions. For more personalized healing, visit and

'How good it is for people to gather in community' is the message of this ancient Hebrew chant. Its melody comes from a Jewish community in Uganda.

May the collective fear and violence in our world be overtaken by the gifts of being together to sing, pray, eat, meditate, grieve, dance, and otherwise heal our souls.

My 2 collaborators on this track are my son E. Michael Winestock on lead vocal and my partner Lorne Gould as recording engineer. Love and thanks to both.
For singing along: Hee-nei mah-ah tov Oo-oo-oo-mah-nay-eem mmmmm Sheh-veh-et ah-ah-cheem Gah-ahm yah-cha-ahd mmmmmmmm

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Music, the Great Healer!

All genres and musical traditions, all tastes and individual responses, all sounds that remind us of our capacity to soften our cares, to bring compassion to our wounds, to dance and laugh like mad fools, qualify as healing experiences.

I invite you to tune in to some or all of these tracks for subtle but potent uplifting energy from drumming and chanting, composed and recorded in ‘shamanic journey mode’.

Shamanic Music
Chants and Drum Meditations on CD.

Listening to one of these 15 minute tracks can bring palpable reduction in anxiety, fatigue, confusion, or disconnection. They work through rest and receptivity, so no effort is required.

Listen to clips from the album here:  Penny Winestock: Soul Support